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Lymphatic Treatments

Boost your immune system, detox your body, and relax!

No wellness plan would be complete without incorporating a detoxification and relax strategy - my services include lymphatic massage to serve this very purpose. 

An integral part of the immune system, your lymphatic system acts to clean your body of toxins and wastes.  Our lymph systems function regularly through normal daily activity and exercise, however as many people lead sedentary lifestyles, their system isn’t offered enough opportunity to stimulate lymphatic circulation. 

When your lymph system gets congested, some common symptoms include:
•         Allergies
•         Excess weight
•         Digestive disorders
•         Fatigue
•         Joint pain
•         Weakened immunity
•         Chronic headaches
•         Infection   and more.

Lymphatic treatment helps the system to flow and provide the ability for your body to function at a premium level.  Inflammation clears, the immune systems responds faster and more effectively and toxins are expelled more easily.  

The benefits of Lymphatic drainage treatment are broad and include:  

- Overall detoxification of the body
- Dispelling of cellulite and adipose tissue
- Alleviation of fibromyalgia symptoms
- Significant reduction in chronic fatigue
- Reduction in Edemas
- Better looking skin thereby slowing the aging process  
- Relief of Sinusitis, bronchitis, and otitis
- Deep relaxation to aid memory and rid insomnia and stress

I combine the Lymphstar Pro® with changes in your life style to clear the pathways in your body so that you can achieve maximum results.  The Lymphstar Pro® is an electronic device designed to provide relatively low and painless electrical impulses for gentle stimulation, targeting lymphatic stimulation specifically.  In turn, this oxygenates the skin and reenergizes the lymph nodes.     

​My clients report better cognitive ability, more energy, less insomnia, and a more enhanced perception of wellbeing. 

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