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Brazil - before 2007

The following testimonials were wrote in 2007, before I moved to USA.

"3 years ago, I was trying to loose some weight and I was with a back pain. I planned go to gym all the time, I used to pay the membership and then I used to found thousand of excuses to give up the training.
My back pain got worst and then I started to swim and have aqua fitness class  with Ana Paula as my trainer. After a couple of months a nutritionist recommended me to look for a personal trainer in order to help me with specific exercises to better define my body. So, I hired Ana Paula and we started to train every morning. I lost some weight, my back got better.
She was so dedicated and enthusiastic, that I could not miss any session. I use to travel a lot, but I started to plan my trips in order to avoid loosing sessions or minimizing these loses.
I went to the gym 5 times a week, sometimes even on Saturdays.
I would like to point out something that were keys for me:
        - her commitment with her clients;
        - her concern about movements, posture, our limits.
        - her ability to make sessions differently , avoiding routines or boring exercises.
She knows how to respect our limits and in the other hand how to prepare us to go beyond these limits. "
Tania C.


“I had been her client since 2003 when I had aqua fitness class during the pregnancy, and after that I started with her a personal program of exercise.
She was always focused in my well being during and after the pregnancy, because of that I had a great recovery.
On May 2006, I had a liposucction and besides keeping my personal training classes, I also had pos surgical lymphatic drainage with her.
She is a top trainer and extremely dedicated. She not only worries about the physical result, but respects the individual limits as well.”
Cyntia L.


“I had been Ana’s client for 2 years (between 2004 and 2006). I had aqua fitness class and personal training with her.
I started doing exercise with my doctor’s prescription. I had back pain because of my bad posture and herniated disc. I needed to get my spinal muscle stronger. I have never practice any kind of exercise, but with Ana’s I got stronger and free from my backache.
She is a honest professional, dedicate, very interested in each case, always willing to adjust and finding new for the exercises that I couldn’t perform.”
Vera L.  


“After I was cured from cancer by a medulla transplant, my doctor prescribed an aqua fitness class.  I had never been in the mood for doing exercise, but I did Ana’s class for 2 years.  It was extremely motivating and I enjoyed it so much that I missed it when I was unable to attend. 
Before starting her aqua fitness class, I had muscle pain, especially back pain, but it disappeared and my posture also improved.  Whoever is fortunate enough to have Ana as their trainer will feel that the physical exercises designed by her really helps to make them feel much better.”
Ingrid F.


"Few years ago, I started my aqua fitness and swimming class with Ana.  She was very devoted teaching me different styles and the right way to swim, always correcting me with dedication and care.
I had some surgical procedures on my spine and medulla and a femur replacement,   Most of the movements were challenging in the beginning but with her help and perseverance, now I can say that my leg and spine are stronger. I can walk peacefully with no fear of falling.
Thanks to Ana I got my health back."
Barbara F.


Ana Paula:
"Greed us with love:
Empathy, smiling.
Assess us with care,
The limits, competent.
Explore us, capacities,
Persevere, patient.
Come, with self esteem,
Motivate us, happily.
Her pupils appreciate it,
With tender love,
With the example of courage.
Victories!: to her I wish.”
Patricia P.

I had been her client of aqua fitness class for 7 years, weekly, twice or three times a week. The class was very dynamic and variated, working the muscles and the aerobic endurance as well.
I achieved my goals that was to lose weight, get fit and a better cardiovascular condition.
Thankfully my results to Ana that with competence and professionalism, always encouraging and stimulating her clients, not only as a teacher but as a friend as well.
On July 2006 I had an abdominal liposuction. I had to have 10 sessions of post surgical lymphatic drainage as a doctor’s prescription. Immediately after the surgical procedure, I started the sessions with her that has a specific technique for the pos surgical procedures.
I could feel the results fast, like the decrease of the swelling and the edema, as well relaxationand comfort that the massage does. The result was really good.
I had been her client in aqua fitness class for years. I was trying to increase my aerobic workout, but I had a knee problem and I didn’t want to do any impact exercise when she encouraged me to have swimming class.
The results came quickly. In just one month I saw the difference on my weight, in my body, in my disposition and the best thing was that I was swimming and I participate in one competition.
Thankfully Ana for her dedication and encouragement.
I was Ana’s client for swimming and aqua fitness classes . I had a knee problem and the orthopedist said I had to update my workout of weight lifting and stretching, and lose weight.
I chose Ana  as a personal trainer that built an specific workout for my goals. And it was fast: my knee got better, I lost weight and got muscle definition.
Claudia M.

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